Is there a sweeter word than ‘SALE?’ Some would argue it ends there. But add BOOK and you have the sweetest sale there is.

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The Truthseeker series is on sale. Get Anathi A Lifeless Womb for only R250 and Amahle The Love You Seek for only R150.

But wait! You can get both for only R350 including FREE delivery to your door because book sales must be as fun as reading.

Why stop at the books though, right? Complete your truth seeker life by adding the Truthseeker ceramic mug with a matching ceramic spoon.

Start every morning with the right intention. An intention to seek your truth and the courage to live it.

What is the Truthseeker series about?

I guess it is in the name, right? But we seek truth from different aspects of our lives. And this series focuses on seeking the truth from our families.

The Truthseeker series highlights how secrets kept within the family can derail the lives of those who are kept in the dark.

Families usually hide things under the guise of “protecting” us, although noble, this “protection” can harm us.

The Truthseeker series follows three generations of women from the same family, the Buthelezi family. Each book in the series is through the lens of the main character.

Book one Anathi A Lifeless Womb- On sale now

Anathi A Lifeless Womb is the first of the two books on sale. Anathi is a story of a woman who has her life figured out.

She is married to her varsity sweetheart, has amazing friends and a thriving career.

But when the one thing she wants doesn’t seem to want her, she is forced to go back to the drawing board.

Her husband’s heart-wrenching secret is what propels her to wake up from the lie she has been living. Anathi goes back to where it all began, her mother’s homestead in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

It is here where she hopes to find all her answers and a way back to herself.

Book sale Anathi A Lifeless Womb and Amahle

Who must read this book?

If you have ever tried for something and not have it manifest into the physical world, then you must read this book.

To the women who have heaven babies, this book hopes to remind you that you are enough.

If you shy away from asking the real questions from the elders in your family, then this book may give you the courage to dive in.

Anathi A Lifeless Womb is about more than a woman who cannot bear children, it is about when our lives cannot bear any fruit.

It is about reminding us to walk to the truth of our souls and always remember the truth, although it can be difficult, it is the only way to live in peace.

Book two on sale Amahle The Love You Seek

Amahle is a story of a young girl who is abandoned by her parents. She is raised by her toxic grandmother and loses the only person who showed her love.

It is a rollercoaster ride of her trying to find herself and what love looks and feels like. Amahle highlights the forgotten generation within a family.

The book showcases how adults constantly do what they believe is right without engaging with kids.

Amahle’s story is for all girls and women who have been silenced.

Girls who have suffered the worst neglect and try each day to rise above it, only to be knocked down.

We also get a chance to see Anathi through Amahle’s eyes and this tests all we think we knew about Anathi.

Book sale of Anathi A Lifeless Womb

Breaking of generational trauma

These books came about as a need to find the courage to work through my childhood trauma. Fiction is one of the best ways to unearth the parts that hurt.

The journey gave me the strength to confront my own family’s unhealed parts.

The path of actively dismantling the lies made my intentions clear to my family.

The family members who wanted to heal I kept with me. And those who are still okay with the status quo were left to continue without me.

I wish you healing

I believe the world will be an infinitely better if we all prioritise our healing. We spend so much time chasing things outside ourselves,when all we’ve ever needed we already have.

The truthseeker series seeks to remind us who we are. And even though life throws,chokes and drags us on the floor, we are all bigger than any circumstance.

Take the plunge, live a life drenched in truth.

I wish you healing.



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