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Mandisa Avutia

Hi Gorgeous, my name is Mandisa Avutia and I help black women heal their lives.

I assist black women rebuild their self-worth and realign to their life’s purpose so they can live the life they know, deep in their soul, they deserve.

I remind black women that it is more than okay to put down the baggage we have been dragging around for generations. PUT IT DOWN, sis! And live your rightful path.

I believe we all deserve to live from our core, and I know it can take time to get there, right?

This is why I exist, to help you unearth, understand, give yourself compassion and transform.

My sessions have a start and end date, because a huge part of healing is going out and ACTUALLY living as your healed self. 

If you are ready to begin rebuilding your sense of self and live the life you know you deserve, then reserve your free consultation call with me here.

What I do need you to know, I am motivated to serve you, not to be liked by you ( You will later, so there’s that). This means, I will NOT tell you what you want to hear BUT what will help you create a life you envision for yourself. 

We are co-creating, sis, and it is going to be magical.


A Little Bit More About Me...

I am the founder and curator of the Healing Newsletter. Where every month myself and awesome ladies, a therapist, a energy healer, a numerologist and life coach, put together a newsletter that tackles deep rooted conflicts/wounds we deal with in our lives.

The newsletter also acts as our funding income source. These funds we then funnel into the #TherapyTin.

The sales from the newsletter help us assist in subsidizing therapy for women who cannot afford these resources.

I told you I am all about us healing, sis!

So if I can’t help you, you best believe I will do all I can to find someone who can.

And when you join the Healing Newsletter mailing list, for free, you will receive emails a few times a week to help you get about the business of healing. A win!


How I Got Here???

Sis, when you have grown up around black women, who were left! And you witness their pain lived out loud, it is hard not to question: Is there another way?

I was raised by a single mother, she was raised by a single mother (my grandmother was married but not to my mother’s father. My grandmother’s husband left too, that is a story for another day because WOW, how that happened is still wild to me.) My grandmother was also raised by a single mother. You get the idea.

A sting of women doing it alone, with their pain as their armor. 

Some people, maybe even you right now, may think I am here trying to help heal the women in my family, and maybe these people are right. All I know is I believe there is a better way to live. A way paved with conscious intention.

A conscious way I started carving out for myself since I was 15 years old. A way that has landed me in a life I always wanted for myself. A place that does not resemble the place of my original story.

And I am here to help you take charge of your way and create a life you have always wanted for yourself.

And my second note to you, you will not finish our sessions unchanged!

Mandisa Avutia Online a mama's healing space

Top 5 Values

Over To You, Gorgeous!

I would love to hear from you, after all it’s not a real community if I am the only one doing the talking, right?

So give me the tea sis! Tell me where you are from, what your top 5 values are currently and what awesome thing you did for yourself in the last month. 

Click “Here’s The Tea Sis” button and let’s mingle. Yay!


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