I am an award-winning author, mama bear to two amazing boys, Ethan-Qhawe and Shaka- Dylan.

And I am married to a man who, by all accounts, is a superhero, Thom Avutia.

A healthy, loving and harmonious family is my highest value. So I take time to heal my childhood trauma through writing fiction and about my real-life struggles and revelations.

A mama bear and her cubs. Mandisa, Ethan-Qhawe and Shaka-Dylan, Sudwala Dinosaur Park, Mpumalanga South Africa

I hope to inspire other mothers to heal their childhood trauma so we are a generation of intentional mothers.

Mothers who raise children who don’t have to heal from us being their parents.

My highest goal is to raise children who can one day say, “I come from a healthy family.” This takes time and intentional action and words.

Add navigating a marriage or a long term relationship, and us moms truly have our work cut out for us.

This platform is to inspire you to heal the parts that hurt inside, the ones we hide so well, especially from those we care about.

To help you navigate this parenting gig while showing up for your partner in a way that encourages long term growth and commitment.

Mandisa and Thom Avutia, wedding day Le Chatelat, Sandhurst South Africa

More importantly, I am eager to learn from you because things always work better when we raise each other.

Join me and be part of a tribe creating a better world through emotionally well-adjusted children and loving relationships.

We also read books here. Books that help us navigate life. You can check out some of the titles on offer here.

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