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Amahle Crazy Special comes about because I want to spread the themes tackled in this book. As a Black girl growing up in my community, I too felt some of the discomforts Amahle encounters in the book. And I want us to talk about these things.

Kids Are Seen Not Heard

This is a popular one even in families that pride themselves on being aware, turned on and tuned in. When other adults came around, you were swiftly told to exit the room because conversations weren’t for your ears. Even if said conversations were about deciding your future.

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Close your legs, a girl doesn’t sit like that…

The famous scold we heard growing up, “close your legs.” As if it is a girl child’s responsibility to present herself in a way that does not arouse grown-ups, the pits! In Amahle’s case it is deeper than “close your legs,” it is a blatant disregard of what, someone who should know better, does to her. A loud and clear message from her primary caregiver that if things happen, Amahle made them happen. it’s always her fault.

How to love when you weren’t taught?

How to love when you weren’t taught through word and actions? One of the things the world shouts to the top of its lungs when a person is having a hard time is, “you must love yourself first and then you can love others…” While true, it neglects to tell us how we love ourselves when we weren’t given the right foundation. How to love ourselves when we don’t know what it feels like or when we have mistaken what we were taught is love, what then? How do we love ourselves first?

Amahle The Love You Seek

Amahle The Love You Seek continues on from Anathi A Lifeless Womb in seeking truth and talking about the things that families would rather keep buried. The truth seeker series as a whole aims to expose these secrets which keep us stuck in life.

Amahle is book two and Ncane will be the third and final installment of this series which has brought so much clarity in my life. Truth seeker has forced me out of my comfort zone around healing and propelled me into asking hard questions, questioning my own trauma and how it plays out in my parenting. My wish is for everyone who reads the books to, at the very least, start thinking about the ills awe sweep under the rug.

How long is the special?

The Amahle Crazy special will run for as long as this batch of copies is available. Once the batch runs out Amahle will go back to its original price of R280 per book. To get in on the special click here

Please share this post with someone you believe may need to see it. To heal the world we first need to heal ourselves and we all need a little nudge. Thank you for stopping by.

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