Children are the light of this world. They remind us what matters most: LOVE.

I have two amazing little boys who are lively, loving and march to the beat of their own drum. They get to be kids, they get to yell “mom, may I please have something to eat!” without any doubt that something will be provided. This is the privilege they enjoy, but food shouldn’t be a privilege for a few children. Being a fed child is a right! A right that 4Souls foundation understands fully.

This is why this year for my birthday I am asking you wonderful souls to help me feed at least 100 children with the Smart Meals Package. The smart meal is jammed packed with nutrition, all-natural and no artificial flavouring. A packet feeds six people or one child for two or six days.

If you can help me raise enough money to donate at least 20 packets to feed 100 children during my birthday week, I will be eternally grateful. For those of us who are parents, even aunts and uncles, we know there can be no greater pain than watching your child starve. This is not something we have to experience to fully grasp, so I appeal to you all to open your hearts, and donate as little as R15.00 and help a child not worry about their next meal, just for a little while.

To make your donation please follow this link. Donations to be made by 1st September 2020, my birthday is on the 2nd Yay

4Souls Foundation Founder Simphiwe Dlamini after a school shoes and food drive

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