5 Reasons to not lose yourself in marriage or motherhood

lose yourself in your marriage or motherhood

You are a mother and a wife who cares about her family. How can you not lose yourself in your marriage or motherhood? These humans need you, especially the kids, right? You are the first person your kid calls when he has a bad dream or falls. Your husband turns to you when he can’t […]

Solve problems in your relationship-7 Steps to help.

black women heal

Another day another outburst. Your fuse is running out and you have no idea how to solve problems in your relationship. I know this life and occasionally still visit that side of relationships. And the truth is I love the side where we harmoniously solve problems a whole lot better than emotional outbursts. What you […]

It’s a BOOK SALE! Truthseeker books

Is there a sweeter word than SALE? add BOOK and you have the sweetest sale there is. Truth seeker series is on sale. Get Anathi for and Amahle for only

Ginny & Georgia- You can’t change what you run from

A look at dysfunctional patterns in Ginny & Georgia, a series on Netflix Warning: There may be spoilers so if you have not seen the series maybe come back after you have and then share what you think. About the series Ginny & Georgia is a 10 episode series that follows the life of a […]

#MandsGiveAwayTime: My Budget Friendly Feel-Good Things!

Mands give away time budget friendly feel good things

Because Sometimes a Girl just wants LUXURY! Luxury is a birthright, okay? But sometimes the coins don’t add up. Enter budget-friendly things people have made to make us feel good, without the guilt of breaking the bank. So this month I would like to share some of my favourite things with one lucky winner. To […]