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Anathi A Lifeless Womb is an AfriCan Authors’ Award 2020 Fiction Novel Category winner!

5 Free sites to help you polish your writing

Editing is a daunting task, harder than writing the book and it is expensive! Most self-published or aspiring authors just don’t have the capital to hire an editor or worse to the funds to keep going back for revisions etc. So before you send off your typo riddled-grammar horror to an editor (who by the way can be your English teacher as a start, please make sure said teacher is pedantic), here are a few sites you can run your manuscript through and ensure an easier editing process.

Why you need an author’s website: how to set it up

South African Authors Corner

And this is what every author wants, a tribe so fully committed in us and our work that they stick around for years. But for us to have a tribe we have to put in the work needed to create an open, helpful and loving space.

Book Review: Reimagining Myself by Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu

Reimaging Myself by Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu

Reimagining Myself is a book that reminds us how important your mind is and that training it to get what you want out of life is paramount. My favourite line on this, and possibly my new favourite reminder going forward is, “Practice makes permanent, not perfect.” This also makes me think of Marisa Peers (World-renowned Rapid Transformational Therapist ) she says, “First you make your habits then your habits make you.”

AfriCan Authors’ Award Winner 2020

This is an initiative, an absolutely amazing initiative, founded by Anthea Ambursley in 2018. The AfriCan Authors’ Awards, from my understanding, is a platform designed to celebrate African authors. And it doesn’t disappoint as this year there were 100 winners in different categories and from different African countries.

Anathi Chapter 37

“Do you think my mom is also in heaven?” she asks.

“No, nana your mom…” I stop midway because I don’t know why her mom is not with her.

“Oh, she just doesn’t want me?” She sits on my bed and stares out of the window a hadeda bleats incessantly as if he, too, knows the sorrow holding up the walls in this house.