It’s a BOOK SALE! Truthseeker books

Is there a sweeter word than SALE? add BOOK and you have the sweetest sale there is. Truth seeker series is on sale. Get Anathi for and Amahle for only

Ginny & Georgia- You can’t change what you run from

A look at dysfunctional patterns in Ginny & Georgia, a series on Netflix Warning: There may be spoilers so if you have not seen the series maybe come back after you have and then share what you think. About the series Ginny & Georgia is a 10 episode series that follows the life of a […]

Anathi Turns One: The Best of Anathi A Lifeless Womb

Balloons in the sky wishing Anathi a Happy birthday

The Launch The Stories from other women The Growth The Future-Cover Reveal Anathi: A Lifeless Womb has done more for me than I had imagined. It has been a wild ride these last 12 months and I am eternally grateful to all who have read and have taken the time to send me their thoughts, […]

A Friend Like Thobi…

I have women who make me laugh until it hurts. I have women who seek my counsel and make me feel useful and necessary in their lives. I have women who raise me up and help me believe my own hype LOL! I have women I have never met in person who take the time to validate my experience here on earth… So I believe women love hard and love other women harder, I think it is our default setting. We just have too many ill-informed people shouting the loudest about how we don’t get along! Again, I call BS!

Cheese & Wine Thursdays: In conversation with Mandisa

Cheese & Wine Thursdays Poster with Afrokulcha

I will be the author being hosted this Thursday (September 17th). The event starts at 4pm and will be held at 99 Bowling Avenue, Morningside Manor. The seats are limited because of the times we live in at the moment. To secure your seat please send your RSVP to

AfriCan Authors’ Award Winner 2020

This is an initiative, an absolutely amazing initiative, founded by Anthea Ambursley in 2018. The AfriCan Authors’ Awards, from my understanding, is a platform designed to celebrate African authors. And it doesn’t disappoint as this year there were 100 winners in different categories and from different African countries.

Anathi Chapter 36

Drinks… The glasses clink and Thobi collapses into the chair at the dinner table, it has been ages since we all got together, a gathering I desperately need after the week I have had and the showdown with MaBhengu. She still insists I have to go twasa, I don’t think this is a need and if […]

Anathi Chapter 35

Truth Hurts She sits across from me at the dining table, Amahle slinks off to her bedroom. “Thembi’s?” MaBhengu asks, her eyes following Amahle as she turns away from the dining room. I just nod. “Can I get you something to drink?” I ask and try hard to mask the strain in my voice. “Just […]

Anathi Chapter: 34

“The freedom…I mean look at them, they just met and they look like they have been playing with one another for ages…it’s so simple for them.” I turn back to Melusi and I find him staring at me and circling the rim of his glass with his index finger. “What?”

Anathi Chapter: 33

Confusion I read the message from Sifiso again and the knots in my stomach threaten to strangle every other organ. I take tilt my head up and feel the headrest of my seat, I exhale, I want to cry but what good would that do? I take in a deep breath, gather myself and get […]