Year Of Yes- 5 Ways To Change Your Life(Book Review)

Year Of Yes

“You never say yes to anything.” The words that sculpted the Shonda Rhimes we know today. And a movement we now know as the Year of Yes! Did you think that Miss Shondaland herself has a mountain of insecurities that prevent her from living her best life? I know, we all know, that people have […]

It’s a BOOK SALE! Truthseeker books

Is there a sweeter word than SALE? add BOOK and you have the sweetest sale there is. Truth seeker series is on sale. Get Anathi for and Amahle for only

How to automate selling your book(s) without a website

As a writer, you need to spend most of your time writing. Marketing daily can get in the way of your writing routine. Here is a way you can buy yourself more writing time while selling your book(s). It is for both one time author and the author who is eager to churn out books. […]

Write tight: Show more than you tell &your readers will adore you

Before we dive in, here’s a quick wrap up of what we have covered so far. In week one, we looked at removing unnecessary words. And in week two, we discussed dialogue tags and action beats. This week it is all about Show more than you Tell. Remember to share this series with all your aspiring author/blogger friends. I […]

Anathi Turns One: The Best of Anathi A Lifeless Womb

Balloons in the sky wishing Anathi a Happy birthday

The Launch The Stories from other women The Growth The Future-Cover Reveal Anathi: A Lifeless Womb has done more for me than I had imagined. It has been a wild ride these last 12 months and I am eternally grateful to all who have read and have taken the time to send me their thoughts, […]

Write Tight: Dialogue Tags & Action Beats How to Use Them

Week 2 This week we continue with the Write Tight Series. Last week we looked at Unnecessary Words and this week we move on to dialogue tags and action beats. Let’s jump in. What are Dialogue Tags? Dialogue tags are used to attribute a line of dialogue to a character. Here is an example: “Gogo, […]


A very short story… “You never asked me.” Moroesi brushed her worn-out wig as she looked at Khutso lying on their bed. “What do you mean I never asked, weren’t we always doing this?” She set the brush down and tossed the wig, given up on her ability to bring it back to life. “Yes, […]

Rejection is Normal: Here’s How You Win!

“When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”― Kelly Cutrone This is a hard one. So in a quest to add to income streams through writing, your girl has been sending out sample articles to a few cool companies. And I haven’t heard anything […]

A Friend Like Thobi…

I have women who make me laugh until it hurts. I have women who seek my counsel and make me feel useful and necessary in their lives. I have women who raise me up and help me believe my own hype LOL! I have women I have never met in person who take the time to validate my experience here on earth… So I believe women love hard and love other women harder, I think it is our default setting. We just have too many ill-informed people shouting the loudest about how we don’t get along! Again, I call BS!