A very short story… “You never asked me.” Moroesi brushed her worn-out wig as she looked at Khutso lying on their bed. “What do you mean I never asked, weren’t we always doing this?” She set the brush down and tossed the wig, given up on her ability to bring it back to life. “Yes, […]

Anathi Chapter 35

Truth Hurts She sits across from me at the dining table, Amahle slinks off to her bedroom. “Thembi’s?” MaBhengu asks, her eyes following Amahle as she turns away from the dining room. I just nod. “Can I get you something to drink?” I ask and try hard to mask the strain in my voice. “Just […]

Anathi Chapter: 34

“The freedom…I mean look at them, they just met and they look like they have been playing with one another for ages…it’s so simple for them.” I turn back to Melusi and I find him staring at me and circling the rim of his glass with his index finger. “What?”

Anathi Chapter:32

A Rekindle I arrive at our favourite restaurant, Papas and take our usual table out by the terrace overlooking the Mandela Square. It feels like not a single moment has passed since I have been here, except the waiters have changed and I have to say my order out loud, “a glass of chardonnay with […]

Anathi Chapter:30

“I know, I’m sorry. But what am I supposed to do now, the child is dressed and excited.”