Core Values: How I Get Clear About My Needs…

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I am a mom, a wife and a business owner. I’m always on the go. From keeping the house running to my kids’ activities and work, it’s pretty busy around here.  And while it’s good that our lives are busy and productive (and I would not want to change my active lifestyle), it is only […]

Mom Coach Consultant: What is a Mom Coach?

mom coach consultant with son

And how she can help you? A mom coach consultant or a mom coach, we get into all of that. What in heaven’s name is a mom coach? I get this question quite often. Luckily, most people figure it out. For those who have not, my simple answer is usually, “a mom coach is a […]

Revenge Mom Hours: Bedtime Procrastination

Revenge mom hours and how to stop

Why it happens and how to put a stop to it! Revenge Mom Hours Revenge mom hours or bedtime procrastination: Here is a scenario-You have had a long day! Between tending to your kids, work, and relationships and making sure your environment reflects the queen that you are, you are exhausted, finished not to be […]

Decision Making: How to teach your child to make decisions

How to teach your child to make their own decisions

How To Teach Your Child To Make Decisions Decisions are the basis of all our lives. How to teach your child to make their own decisions, so they can practise a skill they will need their entire life. One of the things that drive us, mothers, crazy is having to repeat ourselves. It is almost […]

Self-worth Myths: 7 Myths and 7 Truths

self-worth myths

Self- Worth Myths: 7 Myths and 7 Truths There are plenty self-worth myths floating around, yes there are some LIES out there. And today we are going to thrash those out! Below is a list of 7 self-worth myths and 7 truths. When we separate truth from fiction we put ourselves in a position to […]

Low Self Worth? How to Increase It And Live The Life You Signed Up For

low self worth how to increase it black girl with flowers in her afro

Low Self Worth? How To Increase It And Live The Life You Signed Up For It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself- Abraham Lincoln. Low self-worth? Argh. How to increase your self-worth? argh, it makes me want to roll my eyes when I think about this topic. Because […]

Your Old Story, Stop Living It!

Change Your Old Story

Your Old Story, Stop Living It! Okay, so you know your old story but don’t live there! I will be the first to tell you that it is very tempting to live in the old story. The old story is familiar, you know the plot, and there are rarely any surprises.  And the biggest pay […]

3 Ways To Destroy Your Need To Change Others

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You are here because you are someone who values the need to change, right? And in our journey to heal and therefore change or transform, we can get irritated by the people we love who are not doing their work to change. They don’t see the need to change, yet. So what do we do? […]

How dating your kids will improve family life

mom guilt

We usually think of dating in a romantic setting, rarely do we think of dating our kids in the same light. But why not? When dating is one of the fun ways to get to know someone. Dating your kids will improve your family life, and I am here to share how it has improved […]