How to automate selling your book(s) without a website

As a writer, you need to spend most of your time writing. Marketing daily can get in the way of your writing routine. Here is a way you can buy yourself more writing time while selling your book(s). It is for both one time author and the author who is eager to churn out books. […]

Write Tight: Using strong nouns & verbs makes you an awesome writer.

Writing Advice. Write Tight Series

And we have reached the last instalment of the Write Tight Series. Thank you to all who have read. I hope you have learned something and have seen improvement in your writing. We close off with how to use strong nouns and verbs. Yes, your English teacher taught you that adjectives describe the noun and […]

Write tight: Show more than you tell &your readers will adore you

Before we dive in, here’s a quick wrap up of what we have covered so far. In week one, we looked at removing unnecessary words. And in week two, we discussed dialogue tags and action beats. This week it is all about Show more than you Tell. Remember to share this series with all your aspiring author/blogger friends. I […]

Write Tight: Dialogue Tags & Action Beats How to Use Them

Week 2 This week we continue with the Write Tight Series. Last week we looked at Unnecessary Words and this week we move on to dialogue tags and action beats. Let’s jump in. What are Dialogue Tags? Dialogue tags are used to attribute a line of dialogue to a character. Here is an example: “Gogo, […]

Being a Mother and Creative is a balancing act

I will admit, I am not as graceful at stopping as the statement above may suggest. I kick and scream and try to see how far I can stretch not paying attention to the kids. Until I have the little one grab my leg, that’s usually the cue that I am bordering on child neglect. I then slink off and neglect the writing.

Rejection is Normal: Here’s How You Win!

“When you’re following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.”― Kelly Cutrone This is a hard one. So in a quest to add to income streams through writing, your girl has been sending out sample articles to a few cool companies. And I haven’t heard anything […]

South African Writers Must Create Assets

The money that will flow from writing requires patience. It requires you to understand that every word you pen down is a deposit into people’s hearts and minds, it is how you buy people’s trust. Trust cannot be a rushed job! And I believe this is one of the most important elements in securing your income through writing, it takes time for people to trust and your job is to build that trust and then protect it.

5 Free sites to help you polish your writing

Editing is a daunting task, harder than writing the book and it is expensive! Most self-published or aspiring authors just don’t have the capital to hire an editor or worse to the funds to keep going back for revisions etc. So before you send off your typo riddled-grammar horror to an editor (who by the way can be your English teacher as a start, please make sure said teacher is pedantic), here are a few sites you can run your manuscript through and ensure an easier editing process.