Core Values: How I Get Clear About My Needs…

A happy black woman with red hair

I am a mom, a wife and a business owner. I’m always on the go. From keeping the house running to my kids’ activities and work, it’s pretty busy around here.  And while it’s good that our lives are busy and productive (and I would not want to change my active lifestyle), it is only […]

Revenge Mom Hours: Bedtime Procrastination

Revenge mom hours and how to stop

Why it happens and how to put a stop to it! Revenge Mom Hours Revenge mom hours or bedtime procrastination: Here is a scenario-You have had a long day! Between tending to your kids, work, and relationships and making sure your environment reflects the queen that you are, you are exhausted, finished not to be […]

Mom Guilt

Carrot cake and cappuccino and dash of mom guilt

Mom Guilt is a Lack of Perspective My mom guilt and a lack of perspective aha moment! Carrot Cake & Coffee Dates A few months ago I was out having some melt in your mouth, tickle your throat spice all-round delicious carrot cake and some cappuccino. I often take these sole dates, because WOW, HELLO, […]