A Friend Like Thobi…

I have women who make me laugh until it hurts. I have women who seek my counsel and make me feel useful and necessary in their lives. I have women who raise me up and help me believe my own hype LOL! I have women I have never met in person who take the time to validate my experience here on earth… So I believe women love hard and love other women harder, I think it is our default setting. We just have too many ill-informed people shouting the loudest about how we don’t get along! Again, I call BS!

Anathi Chapter 37

“Do you think my mom is also in heaven?” she asks.

“No, nana your mom…” I stop midway because I don’t know why her mom is not with her.

“Oh, she just doesn’t want me?” She sits on my bed and stares out of the window a hadeda bleats incessantly as if he, too, knows the sorrow holding up the walls in this house.

Anathi Chapter 36

Drinks… The glasses clink and Thobi collapses into the chair at the dinner table, it has been ages since we all got together, a gathering I desperately need after the week I have had and the showdown with MaBhengu. She still insists I have to go twasa, I don’t think this is a need and if […]

Anathi Chapter 35

Truth Hurts She sits across from me at the dining table, Amahle slinks off to her bedroom. “Thembi’s?” MaBhengu asks, her eyes following Amahle as she turns away from the dining room. I just nod. “Can I get you something to drink?” I ask and try hard to mask the strain in my voice. “Just […]