Mom Coach Consultant: What is a Mom Coach?

mom coach consultant with son

And how she can help you? A mom coach consultant or a mom coach, we get into all of that. What in heaven’s name is a mom coach? I get this question quite often. Luckily, most people figure it out. For those who have not, my simple answer is usually, “a mom coach is a […]

Revenge Mom Hours: Bedtime Procrastination

Revenge mom hours and how to stop

Why it happens and how to put a stop to it! Revenge Mom Hours Revenge mom hours or bedtime procrastination: Here is a scenario-You have had a long day! Between tending to your kids, work, and relationships and making sure your environment reflects the queen that you are, you are exhausted, finished not to be […]

Mom Guilt

Carrot cake and cappuccino and dash of mom guilt

Mom Guilt is a Lack of Perspective My mom guilt and a lack of perspective aha moment! Carrot Cake & Coffee Dates A few months ago I was out having some melt in your mouth, tickle your throat spice all-round delicious carrot cake and some cappuccino. I often take these sole dates, because WOW, HELLO, […]

Your Old Story, Stop Living It!

Change Your Old Story

Your Old Story, Stop Living It! Okay, so you know your old story but don’t live there! I will be the first to tell you that it is very tempting to live in the old story. The old story is familiar, you know the plot, and there are rarely any surprises.  And the biggest pay […]