It’s a BOOK SALE! Truthseeker books

Is there a sweeter word than SALE? add BOOK and you have the sweetest sale there is. Truth seeker series is on sale. Get Anathi for and Amahle for only

What Inspired Amahle? Most of us come from families who are guilty of this…

Ëvery girl deserves all the flowers in her hair… Have you ever wondered what turns a beautiful, bouncy and curious baby into a depressed, lost and lonely teenager or young adult? These musings inspired Amahle and turned into a story she had to tell and expose what most families are guilty of. Some of us don’t need to spend too long thinking about this because, for the most part, our lives turned out okay. What about the ones who have been unlucky? These are the young girls and inner children Amahle is bringing to the foreground. Children don’t raise themselves Adults tend […]

What I have healed by letting my father go

When Daddy’s Princess NEVER happens… Yesterday was the anniversary of my father’s passing. I know this because of Facebook memories. Yes, we didn’t have a relationship. The reminder from Facebook made me reflect on a few things. I share those things with you in this post. I hope if you or anyone you know is […]

Anathi Turns One: The Best of Anathi A Lifeless Womb

Balloons in the sky wishing Anathi a Happy birthday

The Launch The Stories from other women The Growth The Future-Cover Reveal Anathi: A Lifeless Womb has done more for me than I had imagined. It has been a wild ride these last 12 months and I am eternally grateful to all who have read and have taken the time to send me their thoughts, […]