Ginny & Georgia- You can’t change what you run from

A look at dysfunctional patterns in Ginny & Georgia, a series on Netflix Warning: There may be spoilers so if you have not seen the series maybe come back after you have and then share what you think. About the series Ginny & Georgia is a 10 episode series that follows the life of a […]

Being a Mother and Creative is a balancing act

Be honest with your core values

I will admit, I am not as graceful at stopping as the statement above may suggest. I kick and scream and try to see how far I can stretch not paying attention to the kids. Until I have the little one grab my leg, that’s usually the cue that I am bordering on child neglect. I then slink off and neglect the writing.

Being a Woman Does Not Make You a Mother

Being a woman does not automatically make you a mother nor does it mean you automatically want to be one I have had this talk a few times with the women in my life who don’t have children. And one statement rings true, even for me: being a woman does NOT automatically mean you want […]