Crumbs and Cream saved the day. It is one thing to have a picky eater but a lactose-intolerant child is a whole other ball game. All of the easily available treats that delight children have some dairy in them. For me, the hunt for allergen-free foods is an extreme sport because my youngest is allergic to all the big hitters.

Shaka at Crumbs and Cream, Illovo, Cnr Oxford & Corlett, Johannesburg

Crumbs and Cream happiness is our main ingredient

So when we found Crumbs and Cream it was a score! They say, “happiness is our main ingredient!” And that is not a lie. We went to the one at Illovo Junction. The shop itself is small but big in happy colours you don’t have t worry about missing it! It is bold and in charge in that little corner of Oxford & Corlett Drive.

The deco at Crumbs and Cream

The deco is minimalist but colourful. There are pink, yellow and blue tables and chairs the best deco feature in the room are the swings. One of the tables has two swings as chairs and this will excite any child and adult. My son shot straight for the swings before even looking at what is on offer.

Crumbs and Creams make their cookies onsite, so cinnamon, choc-chip and vanilla flavours flood your nose and you feel like you have fallen into a cookie jar. And the lactose intolerant child is catered for too. So it is like a cookie jar that does not discriminate.

What lactose children can enjoy

Ice-cream and cookie places are usually hard places to take children who have allergies because their products will have some form of dairy or nuts. At Crumbs and Cream, we were able to find a creamy sorbet and not those flavoured ice pallet cleansers. The best part, you get to taste a flavour before you commit to a scoop!

My son loved their forest berry sorbet. It is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. It is not sickly sweet which makes it an easy, guilt-free snack choice. He did add rainbow sprinkles because we all deserve sprinkles in life.

They do change flavours and so cannot guarantee you will find the forest berry sorbet when you pop in but there are fair options to choose from.

Ice cream and cookie options

For those who are not allergic, you can have ice-cream sandwiches- make your own version from an array of cookie options and stuff them with your choice of ice cream. I skipped the cookie option because I had the carrot cake flavoured ice cream. And let me say, it is what you think with a little extra! The carrot cake in the cream rivals several stand-alone carrot cakes. The cinnamon, nut, carrot and cream cheese come through powerfully and the ice cream is truly the bonus I didn’t know I needed.

I also layered my ice cream cup with their French Vanilla flavour and it feels as luxurious as its name.

The very best part about their ice-creams is they aren’t sickly sweet, at least the flavours I tried. It is a product that has sense! Everything added feels just enough leaving one satisfied without the guilt.

The Service at Crumbs and Cream Illovo

We were greeted with a smile as bright as the colours in the shop. My son bounced in like he was at a home away from home. The service we received felt like a giant hug during these uncertain times. The lady behind the counter was extremely patiently engaged with my three years old and indulged his every question. It was cute to witness. She also took her time explaining all the flavours and asked about my son’s allergies then pointed to his options.

Crumbs and Cream store in Illovo
Image taken from Crumbs and Cream website

The service combined with the colourful shop makes this place a comfortable space for children. Honestly, the one drawback is the shop is on the main road so a child who is prone to running off will need extra vigilant adults. That said, the swings in the shop were stimulation enough for my busy three-year-old until it was time to leave. Also, the shop is small so you will have eyes on your little person at all times.

This place was an amazing way to spend quality time with my youngest.

Crumbs and Cream Takeaway

We live in crazy times with the pandemic and with our current level 4 lockdown restaurants are only permitted to offer takeaways. And happy days, Crumbs and Creams are available on UberEats and Mr Delivery, meaning you can have all this yumminess in the comfort of your home. Anything from their sandwich ice-cream cakes to their cookies and you don’t need to pre-order because their products are always in-store.

The story behind Crumbs and Cream

This delightful ice cream sandwich store, hence Crumbs and Cream was founded in 2016 by Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat, and their husbands. Their first appearance was in a colourful truck at the Watershed Market at the V&A Waterfront. Capetonians flocked to this amazing truck and before long the founders opened up their first store at Seapoint.

The Crumbs and Creams deliciousness could not be contained to just Cape Town and so in 2017, the store in Illovo was opened. These two sisters know a great business game. Ice cream and cookies have no occasion, just a craving!

You can find this store of yumminess at the following locations: Seapoint, V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and Illovo Junction in Johannesburg. You can also order their products online via Uber Eats and Mr Delivery. We can only hope for more locations around South Africa because what they offer is sublime.

Crumbs and Cream Giveaway Time!

Now, I can’t tell you about the yumminess and then not allow you to taste it yourself, now can I?

Stand a chance to get yourself a Crumbs and Cream gift card and go and try this awesome store on me. All you have to do is enter using this link, make sure you add my email address to your contact list so you don’t miss the announcement on July 15th 2021.

Crumbs and cream, flavours, child-friendly date spot.

Share your exprience

If you have had the pleasure of experiencing a Crumbs and Cream Ice-cream sandwich, please share what flavours we must definitely try in the comments. And I am always eager to visit new child-friendly date spots so please leave those in the comments too.

As always, I wish you the healing you deserve.

With Love,


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