Parenting Tips

Have kids, they said! Parenting is one of the hardest gig one will ever have to do, it is also one of the most rewarding.

I will be the first to admit, giving or getting parenting advice or tips can get tricky fast! Children are not the same and it is delusional to want to parent them the same way.

However, there are gems I have picked up along the way, tips that are more than parenting and rather a way of life. These kind of tips, I love and would love to share with you here.

As always, take only what resonates for you and your child or children. This is not a platform to shame your parenting style. The aim is to reach the mothers who are ready to parent from a healed place.

This is a space for mothers who need to reparent themselves so they can better parent their children. The tips here will more often than not, point the finger back at the parent and not the child. If this idea scares you and you want to hear none of it, then this page is not for you.

But if you are scared and know there is a glorious relationship waiting on the other side, stick around and make it to your promised land.

Fun Things to do with your children

Most of the time we are inundated with school related activities for the children that when we have a break, we are lost on what to do with them.

I will share awesome things to do with your kids on weekends, over the holidays or on off days. We can all need a little help brainstorming this part of our kids’ lives. After all, play is one of the most significant ways to bond with our children.