A heartfelt thank you to all who donated and the plan moving forward.

My Birthday was…

First of all, I want to thank every single person who took a brief moment out of their day to wish me a beautiful trip around the sun. You guys are rockstars! Secondly, my birthday was amazing, I was surrounded by my family, which is always a win in my books, and we laughed, ate cake and more carbs than is necessary. We also indulged in too much bubbly (and the verdict is out, there is something as TOO much bubbly), my headache and sense of confusion the following day can attest to this. In a nutshell, I had a beautiful birthday, full of love and full tummies.

The Jesus Year and Feed a Child Campaign

The full tummies bring me back to the main focus of my birthday this year, the Jesus Year. This year for me is about striving to be Jesus-like (and no I am not a staunch christian, I wonder if I am one at all…but I do believe in assisting the world in becoming a better place for all who live in it).

So, I was so overwhelmed by the people who came forward and helped make this birthday one that was rooted in something bigger than me. I am not the only person who wants to see a better world, those who could, jumped onto this train too. Thank you.

The time between when the campaign went live and my birthday was tight and I wasn’t entirely sure the request would be met, it was exceeded. I had complete strangers pledge their R15.00 and went beyond. It is a humbling experience to have strangers give you their hard-earned money LOL! And trust that you will do what you have said with it.

This year being my Jesus Year, and let me explain this quickly for those who may be confused by what a Jesus Year is… The Jesus Year is the age Jesus crucified, he was 33 but had done so much leading up to that age. The idea of a Jesus Year is do spend the year getting closer to yourself and the year that you come into yourown.

I have decided to make the year about giving back, I feel like I am in a place where the best way to experience myself and get closer to myself is by being selfless with those around me. My birthday always helps me reflect and I am always so grateful for the people in my life, my family doesn’t leave me starving for affection. They show up for me SO HARD! And so this year I would love to make others feel just a fraction of what it feels like to be seen and for someone to show up for you.

Showing up

I know what it feels like to have people show up for me, it is affirming and reminds me I am not alone, it feels like the universe giving you are hug. And so I would like to thank every single person (list of names below) before I share the plan going forward.

  • Thom Avutia
  • Ethan-Qhawe Avutia (my son actually used HIS OWN money!!!)
  • Daniel Avutia
  • Siyanda Avutia
  • Antoinette Queen Batuule
  • Kamuli Batuule
  • Brigette Batuule
  • David Batuule
  • Boledi Sobahle
  • Dumisa Sihawu
  • Gcobisa Gaxela
  • Pumza Sobalisa
  • Karabo Motaung (Birthday twinny)
  • Peter Paradza
  • Alesimo Mwanga
  • Adjoa Twum
  • Phakamani Chindeka
  • Nombulelo Mpangiso
  • Lweendo Hamukoma
  • Norah Ejumu

To all of you this sounded like a very LOUD happy birthday, thank you all so much and may you never get weary when it comes to looking out for those less fortunate in whatever capacity. Together we were able to raise R 2,700 enough to purchase 1080 meals and this was all achieved in a matter of days. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

The 4Souls Foundation has also expressed their gratitude for this gesture and I have attached their “Thank you” letter below. I did ask that they send a letter instead of pictures because I am not keen on sharing pictures of kids and especially those who may feel they have no choice…(no judgement just preference).

Going Foward

I cannot fully put into words what it felt like to know that somewhere, sadly not too far from me, there are kids who will go to bed fed because of what we pooled together. This round of donations exceeded one that took place earlier in the year, and this is encouraging during a pandemic!

Going forward I have decided to leave the door wide open for anyone who would like to donate to 4Souls Foundation and help Simphiwe and her team make the world a better place. I always tell her that she is doing the Lord’s work and I am happy to just play a small part in making that happen whenever I can. R 15.00 a month or a week to help feed a child may seem like nothing to you and me, but we don’t know hunger like these children do and a meal makes a REAL LIFE difference to them.

I would like to open the payment link for donations open indefinitely and will give monthly updates so those who help remain in the loop about what is happening and we can all quantify our efforts and maybe look into creating a way these kids and families can eventually sustain themselves.

To make a donation please click here

And to learn more about 4 Souls Foundation you can browse their website here

Thank you all once more, here’s to a Jesus Year !!! You guys really made THE GAL (that’s me, I go by “I’m the gal” this year LOL), sparkle and feel the embrace of the universe through your generosity! Stay awesome!

Share the donation link with anyone looking for a worthwhile cause to get behind, kids STAY deserving more than what they get.

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