Free resources to help you heal your stuff. You can find all you need to start your healing journey.

And tips on how to heal the relationships in your life, from parenting to friendships to marriage, this page is your start place.

I wish you all the healing you envision to live a life you’ve always known exists inside of you.

With love,


Free resources for healing your trauma, parenting tips, marriage tips and healing the self

Free Marriage Resources:

Marriage, or any long term relationship, can be hard to navigate at times. We all need a little help every now and then. This is why I have put together this free marriage resource.

Here, you will find blog posts to help you navigate a rut in your marriage, awesome places to go on dates and ways to talk to one another.

You can also download this amazing template on, How to structure your annual goals meeting with your partner.

And stories on how we have managed to keep our marriage a happy place.

Parenting tips

I will be the first to admit that parenting tips are tricky because no one child is the same. What worked for your firstborn may not work for the second. So, it gets trickier when you dole out advice or tips to other parents.

That said, I have also come across great tips which have helped me parent my two boys. And so, for this section, it is important to take only what resonates for you and your child. This is not a place to feel shamed, we all do things a little differently.

The tips here are to help mothers who are ready to parent from a healed place and looking for constructive ways to help their child(ren) bloom.

Free Resources on Healing Self

Everything in life flows from a healed inner-self. The process of healing parts of you that hurt can be a lifelong journey. Our job is not to forget the hurt but to find new, more constructive ways to respond to triggers and shame.

I will share tips that have worked for me in my journey through blog posts, workbooks and the private Whatsapp group where we hold each other up and accountable.

This is your start page

This free resources page is for you and all you need to start your journey. If you find this page and the resources helpful, please share the page with your friends and family, we can all benefit from more healed people walking the earth.