Everything flows from the self. It is imperative to continuously look for ways to heal yourself.

When you recognise that all you do starts within, a new world opens up. A world where you take 100% responsibility for the way life is responding to you. You take responsibility for the relationships that show up in your life and the ones that stay.

The journey to heal past traumas is hard, especially when you have no idea where to begin.

The aim of this page is to assist with your start point. The very first thing you can do is: STOP BEING MEAN to yourself. Nothing has come of you berating yourself, so try a different approach? Try being gentle and affirming yourself and see how that goes.

You can begin your healing journey today, by downloading this simple and quick workbook. It is not long, I promise. We all are short on time, right? But it is worth your while if you are ready to make changes and begin to heal your childhood trauma.

What I healed by letting my father go, image by Phumzile Khanyile
Image by award- winning artist Phumzile Khanyile

Healing your relationship with your parents

Whether you grew up in a single-parent home or with both parents, there are some traumas in those relationship. Some people’s traumas are not with a capital T like being abandoned at birth but, trauma is trauma and there is no trauma Olympics.

What is important is to heal the trauma that exists within these relationships so we can be better for ourselves and for our children. The aim is to parent from a healed place and to heal we need to look at the hard stuff.

When I forgave my late father, I started to relate better to my sons and my husband, who would have thought? For the longest time I viewed them as different entities but they were all one thing in my subconscious mind and so when I healed the hurt my father caused me, I was able to compassionately show up for my boys. God’s sense of humour, right?

I have truly learned that for things to work in life, you MUST work on yourself. Join me on this journey and let us be intentional in the way we live and show up in the world.

Get your free Heal Your Stuff workbook and let us begin the work.