Because Sometimes a Girl just wants LUXURY!

Luxury is a birthright, okay? But sometimes the coins don’t add up. Enter budget-friendly things people have made to make us feel good, without the guilt of breaking the bank. So this month I would like to share some of my favourite things with one lucky winner.

To find out what’s in the box, you have to enter the #mandsgiveawaytime draw here, and I will reveal each product leading up to the draw straight to your inbox.

Find out how to increase your chances…

If you are already part of the MandsGiveawayTime family then you are already entered into the draw, YAY! But there are ways you can increase your chances, whether you are already part of the family or you are new here. To find out how to increase your chances, read the confirmation message after you enter carefully and follow the steps. And if you are already on the inside, then you will receive an email detailing what you can do to increase your chances of being a winner this month. Good luck!

Entries close April 9th 2021. Winner announced Sunday, April 11th 2021

What’s Up with the Giveaways?

We have all had a tough year and a few months and when this year started I thought of a way I can help spread joy while spreading the word about the Truthseeker series, and giveaways felt like a fun thing to get spirits up. So, that’s what’s up with the giveaways. Nothing too deep, just a fun way to give and meet new people, virtually and hopefully in person too.

Last Month’s Winner

Last month the winner received two books in the #DoubleBookGiveaway, Amahle-The Love You Seek (Book 2 of the Truthseeker series) and A Minute Before Lobolo by Motha Ka Mtshali. Both books can be found in our online shop.

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