Marriage is fun and brings a great sense of security. To love and be loved in return is one of life’s biggest treasures.

But marriage can also be sticky and annoying and you find yourself questioning there entire union.

This is where marriage tips and ideas on how to keep your love happy, come in.

How to heal your marriage, tips to help you keep your marriage happ. South African mom blogger

Marriage Resources to Help you heal your union

This page is here to help you find resources to help you heal your marriage. Every marriage experiences a rut every now and then. But you can thrive during the rut, check out how in, Your Marriage in a Rut Doesn’t Have to be Hard. 1 Surprising Tip.

Align Your Goals

Sometimes, we are in a rut because we lose one another along the way. Your spouse is of doing their thing and you are doing your own thing. In the Annual Goals Meeting template, you learn how to run an Annual Goals Meeting and follow up meeting to keep you on the same page.

Keep your marriage exciting

On this page, you will also find ideas on how to keep your marriage exciting. I share the perfect date spots around Johannesburg. Hobbies you can take up as a couple and so much more.

Therapy and marriage are a winning combo

I will also share how therapy helps keep things fresh. People tend to go to therapy when the wheels have come off. By this time, they have left things until too late. Therapy is the third wheel in your marriage, the anchor.

Therapy brings healing and understanding to a marriage. How to start small and get you to a place where your marriage thrives! Happy couples go to therapy, it is not for when things go south.

Let us journey together and heal one of the most significant unions for ourselves and the little humans we are raising.