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From being a mom at an age when I didn’t truly know which direction my life was heading, believing the mom gig was the end of me ever being me, to confusion and doubt about how I wanted to show up in the world and complete overwhelm about my creative-work and mom life balance.

At some point, it dawned on me that something has got to give! And I gave. I burned out. I was desperately overwhelmed by my role as a mother and role as a creative. 

I wanted to create but I found myself depleted by raising my kids. And then frustrated that yet, another day has gone by and I had nothing to show for it. The cycle was exhausting!

Through years of therapy and chasing the elusive balanced-life myth, I have managed to integrate parts of my life that truly light me up!

One of the things that ignite my spark is witnessing another mama find her light and clarity too.

My big mission:

I help creative moms who are overwhelmed and stressed by work and parenting, to gain clarity and integrate their lives without the mom guilt.

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How I Got Here?

I got tired of the cycle and decided it is time I invested in skills and tools that will help me stay grounded. The overwhelm and stress from juggling work and parenting needed a more progressive solution.

First I realised balance is a myth and the goal is to integrate the parts of your life that bring you the most joy. This principle is at the heart of all my coaching with moms. 

And the truth is, moms don’t want to give up time with their children, we just want to feel like we are winning other parts of our lives too.

I just wanted to know that it is possible to go to bed and feel satisfied with how I ran the day. Isn’t that what you want, mama?

What Stops Us?

What used to hold me stuck, overwhelmed and stressed was a lack of clarity. 

My cycle used to be, I know what I want and then the next day it’s all foggy again. Until I noticed, I get foggy when I listen to other voices, or when I see another mom winning at everything she does. 

I decided to get clear about what matters to me- with the understanding that it might change down the line- and then put things in place to pursue only what matters to me. 

The Next Chapter Values Workbook is a free resource to start with if you need to get clear about what matters to you.

A little more about me

Mom coach south africa

Certified NLP Mom Coach

What is a mom coach? A Life coach but for moms. I understand the struggles moms face, I've faced most of them myself. This is why I took my mom self and gathered skills through Neuro-linguistic Programming and Life coaching courses, to formalise all the work I do to help moms live a more centered life.

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Mom of two boys

I am a mom to two energetic and very vocal boys. They keep me on my feet 24/7 and the greatest challenge thus far has been teaching them to respect boundaries. And teaching them how to create, communicate and uphold their own boundaries.

Healing Newsletter June Issue Fathers

Curator & Contributor at the Healing

If it has to do with making lives better for women, especially moms, you will find me leading the band. The Healing newsletter is a love project, it is a paid monthly newsletter that helps women who are looking to heal, receive the information to help get them there. Not only that, the Healing also uses funds from the sales to offer free and/or subsided therapy for women who cannot afford these resources. This platform has phenomenal contributors and we are so excited to watch it grow. Grow along with us. Sign up for monthly newsletters delivered straight to your inbox! 1st Tuesday of every month.

Anathi A lIfeless Womb

Award Winning Author

Anathi A Lifeless Womb is a story about a woman who struggles to conceive. And when her marriage comes crashing down around her, she has no other option but to go back to where it all began. Anathi goes back home to seek the truth. This is a story about seeking and living your truth, and how the generation before affects the generations that comes after. Anathi A Lifeless Womb won Best Fiction in the AfriCan Authors' Awards in 2020. Purchase your signed copy today. Click the image above.

mandisa and thom

Married Girl Life

I have been married to a tall, dark and handsome man for over a decade now. It has been bliss and buckets and buckets of growth and learning. The best thing about being married to your friend is, it is so much easier to give one another grace when we most need it.

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Tell Me About You

Enough about me, I would love to know a few things about you. Like, how many kids do you have? Are you married or happily single? And when was the last time you created something you truly care about? Find me on these platforms and let us get to know one another, mama


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