A Minute Before Lobolo


A Minute Before Lobolo a book to help you flourish and create a winning marriage.



“When I got married I thought certain things I used to do as a single man would simply vanish. I thought as soon as I got married I would stop looking at other women or be immune to any sexual advances they made towards me. I seriously thought marriage would turn that switch off. But it didn’t. Once I realized that, I felt like I wasn’t ready for my new situation and felt unworthy to be with this wonderful woman I’d married.” Like me, this is how most men feel after getting married. But worry not, this book will help assuage any fears you may have. This book is for both married men and those who are yet to make that first installment of Lobolo. For the ones who are yet to pay Lobolo, take this book as a list of ingredients you see printed on the labels of food items. This list of ingredients is there to help you to make an informed decision. The book will help you: -Know what you need to work on before you say “I do”-Tell if she’s the one for you-Choose friends wiselyFor those men who have crossed the Lobolo threshold this book is meant to calm their fears by telling them that they are not alone in whatever they may be experiencing in their marriage. Filled with real life experiences from other men, you’ll learn how to: -Draw up a vision board for your marriage-Deal with temptation-Have a great sex life that’s fulfilling to the both of youMzikayise Motha ka Mtshali is a loving husband and father of two. He is passionate about relationships and helping men reinvent themselves in the 21st century.


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