Anathi A Lifeless Womb


“When generational secrets and lies make life hard, you have to go in search of the truth…”

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When generational family secrets and lies get in the way of living a fulfilled life…

Anathi has her ideal life set out for her, married to her University sweetheart and looking forward to starting a family. The cracks start showing when the babies refuse to stick. Anathi eventually has to face up to the devastating secrets and lies that could be the cause for all her suffering. It becomes too hard to ignore the hurt and pain when a two-year-long secret about her husband is revealed, what does she do with such a heart-wrenching truth?

Join Anathi on her journey to seek her truth, be right by her side as she unearths the lies that have lived in her family for decades…will she be strong enough to live in her truth? will she choose herself? and will her and Melusi’s marriage survive the life-changing secret that once lived between them?


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