Chronicles of a Fatherless Son

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The crisis of absent fathers and effects it has on society, Chronicles of a Fatherless Son explores the issues around absent fathers due to death, disappearance, labour migration and divorce and attempts to find solutions that can build a stronger nation.


Fatherhood is no longer an extention of just being available or present; it is the core of it. The global crisis of the absent fathers is a heaving sea weighing heavily on our boys and our nation.

There is one essential facto today in this generation which can switch or shift the narrative of the conversation around fatherhood and more especially around the absent fathers. Fatherhood can change the nation, either for the worst or the best. The worst would be to ignore the fact that young men need fathers, they need role models from birth, to death even. Men are falling like flies, damaged and scarred from not knowing who they are or where they come from.

This book observes the impacts fatherlessness due to death, disappearance, labour migration and divorce, and tries to bring us closer to the solutions.



1 review for Chronicles of a Fatherless Son

  1. Mandisa Avutia

    Review: Chronicles of a Fatherless Son Author: Patrick Neo Mabiletsa

    Chronicles of a Fatherless Son was published in 2019 and boasts 15 chapters to help walk us through the journey and trials of a fatherless nation. Based primarily on the South African landscape of fatherlessness, it explores possible reasons a father is not present in the home.

    One of the reasons cited: the migrate worker created by the apartheid system. The need to migrate for work brought about a culture that made it “normal,” for fathers to be away from home and be seen purely as providers, which subsequently absolved them of being emotional and moral support for their kids. This reason still doesn’t account for the percentage of fathers who decide to walk away.

    Patrick Neo Mabiletsa gives honest snapshots throughout the book, of his trials and feelings about being a fatherless son. Chronicles of a Fatherless Son highlights the crisis of our nation, young boys are growing up without their fathers and mothers are left with the heavy lifting of raising children alone.

    Mabiletsa speaks on the role a father plays in a child’s life especially the life of a boy child. It challenges how we (as a society) have settled on making it the norm for women to raise kids alone. He emphasises the idea that a boy can only learn how to be a man from another man. I cannot argue with this view, I am a mother to two boys and I am grateful that their father is around and present because I don’t feel I have all the tools needed to raise them into men who will feel as if they are truly part of man-hood.

    Chronicles of a Fatherless Son should be read by fathers who are present, as a yardstick to see how they are doing as dads, to check if being in the home translates into them being fully present fathers or not. The book can give them ideas on how they can be part of uplifting the communities they belong to.

    Absent fathers should pick up this book, (I am not holding my breath that you will) but, I hope you prove me wrong! It is a book strongly aimed at you, providing insight into why you need to do better and insert yourself into something bigger than yourself. So I am crossing my fingers that absent fathers will pick this book and read it from another man’s perspective, a man who still longs for his father.

    It should be read by sons who have absent fathers so they can see that there are other ways to be initiated into manhood, more progressive ways than the destructive choices boys tend to fall for. (And anyone who is invested in raising a boy child. It is also important single mothers who need to grasp the importance of a positive male role model in their child’s life.)

    Chronicles of a Fatherless Son is a quick read, although littered with grammatical errors, the message of the book is loud and clear. It may also feel repetitive but, this speaks to the importance of walking away from the book with absolute clarity about what it calls for, it has a clear call to action.

    It was also undeniably refreshing, for me, to read an account from a man who is honest about the “damage” not having his father around caused and despite the damage, he still longs for his father. He is still angry, but with an openness to forgive.

    I say refreshing because the men I know who, don’t know their fathers or have no relationship with their fathers tend to take the “I don’t care or give a damn about him,” stance. They put on a brave face and act like their father’s absence doesn’t affect them. I believe Mabiletsa and other men who have acknowledged the pain of not having their fathers in their lives (my own husband who had his dad his whole life misses him daily since his passing and acknowledges how life has changed for him since..), stand a better chance at healing the wound than the men who play it cool.

    All in all, this is a book that broaches a very important matter in our society, it is loud and clear about the mistake we are making by turning fathers into accessories /luxuries as opposed to viewing them as necessities and there is no confusion over the call to action.

    If you would like to read the book click here.
    Neo can be found on Facebook as Patrick Neo Mabiletsa , check him out, he is a funny guy! And after reading his book you will be in awe of the man he is, he has decided to keep going regardless of the cards dealt to him. I can’t say what these trial are as you need to read the book to find out.

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