The Girl From The Hole


Black South African girls who found themselves “blessed” enough to attend private schools via scholarship, will appreciate the underlying feelings Bongekile has to navigate at Willowdale Collegiate. A book that gives you a sneak peak into the differences that, sadly, still exist between the haves and have nots. The thrilling tale also takes you down into the under belly of illegal mining in South Africa, and how a means to an end, could potentially end you… Does Bongekile, eventually choose herself? After a secret from a person she trusted most in life threatens to end her?


Willowdale Collegiate was the promise of a new beginning, the educational lottery that would propel Bongekile’s life further than all in her family but seeing how the other half lives threaten to ruin her. When the opulence at Willowdale proves too big for her head to hold, she dives straight into the “easy” life Petunia promises underground. She doesn’t anticipate falling in love while pleasuring illegal miners, in the hole. And how her love interest brings to light a secret that has been nursed by the one person she has trusted her entire life.

A tale of how one person’s secret can ruin all the lives it touches…


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