Anathi Chapter 37

“Do you think my mom is also in heaven?” she asks.

“No, nana your mom…” I stop midway because I don’t know why her mom is not with her.

“Oh, she just doesn’t want me?” She sits on my bed and stares out of the window a hadeda bleats incessantly as if he, too, knows the sorrow holding up the walls in this house.

Anathi Chapter :31

“I think you will, you can’t help yourself where he’s involved.” She chuckles, “don’t worry mina I will babysit.” She laughs again. She hugs Amahle and then kisses me on the cheek, “let me go check out our new baby.” She winks and gallops off.

Anathi Chapter:30

“I know, I’m sorry. But what am I supposed to do now, the child is dressed and excited.”