The best way to win your life and beat resistance through affirmations

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“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” -Henry Ford

The quote by Henry Ford is both terrifying and liberating, one sentence that brings it all back to you. It is up to you to decide what you think, say and believe about yourself, because what you practice becomes what you manifest.

Today, I want to talk about affirmations and how we can put ourselves in a position to win in life and beat the resistance that comes with reciting or thinking positive affirmations.

What are affirmations???

Affirmations are what you think all day long, what you say to yourself and what you believe about yourself. People like to shy away from reciting positive affirmations but don’t realise that we spend all day long reciting affirmations, our thoughts.

The average person has 6000 thoughts per day according to a study that isolated a thought worm. If we were aware of every single thought, we surely wouldn’t get anything done. Sadly, it is said that 80% of our daily thoughts are negative and 95% are repetitive, in short we are on autopilot, MOST of the time.

This means whatever subconscious beliefs we have allowed to stay, run our waking life! And so, whether we believe in affirmations or not is not the point, because we are reciting them daily anyway. It is whether we believe slowing down and being mindful of what we think and say makes a difference in how our lives play out?

What’s your take? Do you believe positive affirmations work?

Why are affirmations important?

Our thoughts affect our emotions which can affect the way we experience the day. It is important to mind our thoughts and hopefully, create the kind of day we want or at the very least be mentally fit to deal with whatever the day throws our way.

Affirmations are important because they shape your sense of self. Only you can say who you are, only you can choose to believe the best or the worst about you and only you can decide to leave it all on autopilot. A healthy sense of self comes from first believing you deserve all that is great in life, you do! And that you are great and enough just as you are, you legit are don’t argue with me! The world only responds to what you are sending out, you get what you are…

If you are serious about moving the needle and creating a life you deserve, then keep reading…

the best way to win life and beat resistance through affirmations. Maya Angelou overcome what you think of yourself

How do affirmations work?

A few years ago when I started with affirmations I legit thought I needed to recite these for a week tops, and all the money will come rolling in from multiple unknown sources. And after a week and not even a trickle of Randelas I abandoned the chant and filed affirmations as the biggest self-help industry scam!

And then I would come across an article, much like this one you’re reading now, where someone is praising the works of positive affirmations. I would roll my eyes but something inside me would will me to give it another go and with more experience this time. Over time, the one thing I have come to know for sure about positive affirmations is that they need time.

This is how it works: think about it like this, you have been wired to think, believe and feel a certain way since you were knee high to a grasshopper! (I’ve always wanted to use that metaphor LOL). It has been years of people dictating what or who you are and so you can’t wipe all that away in a week or two, give yourself time. Also understand that you will not believe the affirmations when you start, this is okay, keep going.

Why you get discouraged

Again, you have been wired since you came into this world and rewiring can take time. You get discouraged because your brain has not caught up to the new work you are attempting. The brain is designed to keep you safe and so it fights to keep the status quo the same because experience has taught it that what has been happening has kept you alive, and that’t the brain’s only concern, to keep you alive.

How it plays out: you say “I am wealth.” And your brain says, “yeah right, where?” and your body coils at the statement because it is not true, yet. When you don’t remind yourself that this will happen, that your brain and body will reject your new affirmation, it will discourage you.

It is important to remember that your body and brain will reject the new affirmation and your job is to keep going. Don’t force your body and brain to accept it just keep repeating the affirmation twice a day.

What will eventually happen, your brain will relax into this new normal. By this time the new affirmation would have traveled and taken root in your subconscious (where statements aren’t debated, the subconscious accepts whatever you feed it) and your conscious will have no choice but to accept the new affirmation too.

And then we move onto the feeling/emotions. Another aspect of the self-help industry that slows down our resolve by telling us we need to say our affirmations and feel them as though they were true! This approach misses the resistance stage. When you force yourself to feel what isn’t there yet, it discourages you from continuing because when you don’t feel it, you begin to wonder if you are doing it right and this is a distraction.

The trick is to say the affirmation until your subconscious accepts it, and you will know it has when your body no longer coils at the thought or sound of the new affirmation. When this happens, your emotions follow.

A way to counter the resistance

Sometimes no matter how consistent you are with your positive affirmations, depending on how long you have carried limiting beliefs, the brain and body STILL toss it out of the window.

A trick to use to help reduce the resistance and get you on track is using the phrase, “I am now willing to…” Instead of “I am wealth.” You can say, “I am now willing to be wealth.”

When you say you are willing the brain and body do not register that phrase or thought as fact and so they let you run your race! Prime your brain and body with the phrase and then slowly move to drop the phrase and state, ” I am wealth.” Then check the reaction, if the brain and body don’t coil, then continue if they do stay with the phrase for a little bit longer.

Some of my daily affirmations

  • The potential of my life path and purpose is perfectly looked after. I am effortlessly guided on the next step to follow. I am now open and release and heal any blockages to my moving forward successfully.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that money flows to me in increasing quantities, through many sources on a continuous basis
  • Life only brings me great experiences and forever working in my favor
  • I radiate abundance, peace and joy.

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