Have you said out loud “I am amazing” and then your brain says, “who you?” and your body coils at the sound of the affirmation? This is what we call resistance. This post focuses on how to beat resistance through affirmations and win your life!

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” -Henry Ford

The quote by Henry Ford is both terrifying and liberating. One sentence that brings it all back to you. It is up to you to decide what you think, say and believe about yourself. What you practice becomes what you manifest.

Our thoughts and feelings create our experiences. I know, I used to scoff at this statement too. And then I saw it in action in my own life.

Test the theory and tricky your brain

Once I decided to test this theory out about experiences in my life, I found a sense of relief. This is not to say “bad” or hard things don’t happen, it means a different outlook renders a different experience.

For example, there are days my children drive me up and the wall. I can look at this as the kids doing all they can to make me crazy. Or view it as happy campers who want to explore all that is around them. The latter makes it less likely for me to explode. I also create space in my mind to learn more about my kids.

Before we dive in and beat resistance so we can win our lives back, let us define affirmations.

What are affirmations???

Affirmations are what you think all day long, what you say to yourself and what you believe about yourself. We like to shy away from positive affirmations but what we don’t realise is that we spend all day long reciting our thoughts.

The average person has 6000 thoughts per day according to a study that isolated a thought worm. Sadly, 80% of them are negative and 95% are repetitive, in short, we are on autopilot, MOST of the time.

This means whatever subconscious beliefs we have allowed to stay, run our waking life! And so, whether we believe in affirmations or not, is not the point Whether we like it or not we recite affirmations daily.

So why not pick the productive ones? And see how different our lives play out.

What’s your take? Do you believe positive affirmations work?

Don’t roll your eyes at me, I promise this is well worth it. Keep reading.

Why are affirmations important?

Our thoughts affect our emotions which affect the way we experience the day. It is important to mind our thoughts and create the kind of day we want. Or at least be mentally fit to deal with whatever comes. (You see, I didn’t say being positive means all your days are just sunshine and roses, give me that?)

Affirmations are important because they shape your sense of self. Only you can say who you are. You can choose to believe the best or the worst about you. And only you can decide to leave it all on autopilot.

A healthy sense of self comes from first believing you deserve all that is great in life. You do! And that you are great and enough just as you are. You legit are don’t argue with me! The world only responds to what you are sending out, you get what you are…

If you are serious about moving the needle and creating a life you deserve, then keep reading…

Look around you, look how very special you are

Just in case you need a little more convincing, scientists estimate that the chances of you being born are one in 400 trillion! Let that simmer. Seriously, let it stew a bit, swirl around in your head. Allow it to pump through your heart and then smile.

Why are you smiling? Because you, my friend are a damn MIRACLE! You- the person sitting across from you, the woman who grabbed the last loaf of bread at the shop and the boss who snapped at you- and me, we are walking, breathing miracles.

The odds were ever against us but we are here. You are here. And so please bask in the fact that you MATTER and belong here.

Okay, back to affirmations and how they work.

beat resistance through affirmations and win your life

How do affirmations work?

A few years ago, when I started with affirmations I legit thought I needed to recite them for a week tops. And then like clockwork, all the money will come flooding in, obviously. That is what all the self-help gurus said. Believe it and it will show up. And after a week and not even a trickle of Randelas, I abandoned the chant and filed affirmations as the biggest self-help industry scam!

Quite frankly, nobody can believe in something they are not experiencing.

And then an article comes along, much like this one you’re reading now, where someone is praising the works of positive affirmations. I roll my eyes but something inside me wills me to give it another go and with more experience this time. The one thing I have come to know for sure about positive affirmations is that they need time.

To beat resistance through affirmations, you have to understand how it works.

The majority of your beliefs about the world and yourself aren’t set by you. You can’t change your life since you were knee-high to a grasshopper! (I’ve always wanted to use that metaphor LOL). It has been years of people dictating what or who you are and so you can’t wipe all that away in a week or two, give yourself time. Also, understand that you will not believe the affirmations when you start, this is okay, keep going.

The first time I read it is okay that I won’t believe the affirmations and it’s okay not to… my mind was blown! Finally, someone who gets what is legit going on in my head during these recitals.

Be patient, the brain will catch up

Be patient and gentle with yourself, you are doing a new thing. And the brain doesn’t know this yet. The brain is designed to keep you safe and so it fights to keep the status quo the same. Experience shows that the way things are, keeps you safe, so why change? The brain’s only job is to keep you alive. And your job is to keep up your affirmations, the brain will catch up, eventually.

You and your brain both have a job and the brain is doing its part, now you do yours.

beat resistance through affirmations and win

How the brain resists affirmations

How it plays out: you say “I am wealth.” And your brain says, “yeah right, where?” and your body coils at the statement because it is not true, yet. When you don’t remind yourself that this will happen, that your brain and body will reject your new affirmation, it will discourage you.

It is important to remember that your body and brain will reject the new affirmation and your job is to keep going. Don’t force your body and brain to accept it, just keep repeating the affirmation twice a day or more. ( I have affirmations I say throughout the day in my head like, “Give me strength!”)

What happens when you keep going…

What will eventually happen, your brain will relax into this new normal. The new affirmation will travel and take root in your subconscious, (where statements aren’t debated, the subconscious accepts whatever you feed it.) and your conscious will have no choice but to accept the new affirmation.

Please remember that this will take time, be patient with yourself. Think of it as training, you’re doing a new thing, show yourself some grace.

The feelings are also BIG on resisting good vibes

And then we move onto the feeling/emotions. Another aspect of the self-help industry that slows down our resolve is preaching to us to say and FEEL our affirmations as if they were already true!

This approach misses the resistance stage. When you force yourself to feel what isn’t there yet, it discourages you from continuing because when you don’t feel it, you begin to wonder if you are doing it right and this is a distraction.

The trick is to say the affirmation until your subconscious accepts it, and you will know it has when your body no longer coils at the thought or sound of the new affirmation. When this happens, your emotions follow.

If it is too frustrating to stick with the affirmation because your brain and body won’t let you be great! Let us look at ways to counter resistance.

A way to counter the resistance and win your life

Sometimes no matter how consistent you are with your positive affirmations, depending on how long you have carried limiting beliefs, the brain and body STILL toss it out of the window.

Nothing sticks. In fact, you are down at the bottom of the barrel now, you don’t even believe the sun is out on an obviously blue skies day. You’ve had it with people preaching, “the way you think can change your life!” You’re internally screaming, “really, really Mandisa, it can? The only change I’m experiencing is sheer frustration and the urge to not punch you!”

I get it, I have been there.

Here’s a trick to beat resistance through affirmations

A trick to use to help reduce the resistance and get you on track is using the phrase, “I am now WILLING to…” Instead of “I am wealth.” You can say, “I am now willing to be wealth or wealthy.”

When you say you are willing the brain and body do not register that phrase or thought as fact and so they let you run your race!

Prime your brain and body with the phrase and then slowly move to drop the phrase and state, ” I am wealth.” Then check the reaction, if the brain and body don’t coil, then continue, if they do stay with the phrase for a little bit longer.

Some of my daily affirmations

  • The potential of my life path and purpose is perfectly looked after. I am effortlessly guided on the next step to follow. I am now open and release and heal any blockages to my moving forward successfully.
  • I am so happy and grateful now that money flows to me in increasing quantities, through many sources on a continuous basis
  • Life only brings me great experiences and forever working in my favor
  • I radiate abundance, peace and joy.

And on days my brain or body side-eye me, I revert to WILLING.

Beat resistance through affirmations and win, heal yourself

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