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And how she can help you?

A mom coach consultant or a mom coach, we get into all of that.

What in heaven’s name is a mom coach? I get this question quite often. Luckily, most people figure it out. For those who have not, my simple answer is usually, “a mom coach is a life coach but, exclusively for moms, moms-to-be and moms in waiting.”

I am then met with, “But then why don’t you just call yourself a life coach?” The truth is I could call myself a life coach but mothers who have been to general life coaches, feel overwhelmed by the approach and all the tasks handed out to them. So, the “mom” in coach is an important distinction.

And then we add consultant, WHAT? what is a mom coach consultant?

Mom Life Can Be a Tough Life, Get A Mom Coach Consult...

Being a mother can be so sobering! One minute you were living your carefree life with no one to think of before you leap. And now, you have to calculate every decision and action because it doesn’t only affect you. This realisation can be a HARD one. You may even be tempted to rebel against this new normal for a bit- I am not judging, I’ve been there.
This is where a mom coach consultant comes in. She is your wing woman, the one who is here to catch and help you redirect the frustration. A mom coach consultant’s sole purpose is to help a mother navigate an area or areas of her life that keep her stuck.

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Different types of Mom Coaches

mom coach consultant

There are different aspects of life we struggle with as moms and there are mom coaches for almost all these aspects. 

The following is not a full list only some of the types of mom coaches you can partner with to help you through a difficult time:

  • Postpartum coach (Very different from a Doula and Midwife)
  • Career coach
  • Finance coach
  • Breastfeeding coach
  • Child behaviour coach
  • Divorce coach
  • Family blending coach
  • Stay At Home Mom Coach
  • Millennial moms
  • Moms who struggle with yelling
  • New moms coach
  • Creative mom coach (This is my speciality)

All these coaches have one goal, to help other moms successfully navigate a period in their life without the “mom guilt”. Mom coaches understand the grievances and stress moms face and ultimately this coaching, which I love to see as consulting and mutual exchange, is to help another mama breathe a little easier.

Coaching is NOT therapy

Be honest with your core values

Coaching is not therapy, there can be some confusion mainly because the format, from the outside, looks the same. But coaching is not like therapy. The best way to think about is the following:

When an athlete breaks a bone, she doesn’t head over to her coach to fix her bone, nor does she look to her coach to rehabilitate that bone afterwards, she goes to the relevant doctors, right?

The coach is there to help the athlete get from point A to point B, the coach is there for strategy. 

A mom coach consult is there to help a mom with a strategy to meet the goals she has set out for herself. A mom coach is not there to dig up all past hurts and try to understand why you are the way you are, although this can be helpful for the coach, it is not insanely useful to a mother who needs tools to thrive right now.

Coaching is all about strategy and it aims to empower the client in moving forward through practical solutions wherever it is in their life they feel stuck.

Helping moms find themselves through mom coach consulting

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Motherhood is a hood that can take up the entire neighbourhood of your life. It is one of the biggest shifts women experience and it can be truly tough to forge a new you.

People talk about finding a balance and getting back to who you were before becoming a mom. I don’t believe either of those exists. 

It is not about finding balance or getting back, it is about integration. The best thing moms can do for themselves is to get clear about the things that truly matter and then integrate those into their daily or weekly lives. The Next Chapter Values Workbook is incredible at helping you laser focus on what matters now in your life.

This was my big AHA moment! When I realised there will never be enough time for all of the things I want to happen in a day, a sense of ease set in. It put me in a headspace where I could now plan, create, and show up in a way that aligned with where I truly am and where I am aiming to go. My day-to-day now has breathing room and I rarely feel like a headless chicken trying to catch her breath.

I now help other moms, especially creative and entrepreneurial moms integrate their lives, and infuse their lives with their passions, their babies, friends, work and family.

I can be your wing-woman to a more harmonious life.  Book your 30-minute consult today.


I Get By With A Little Help From My Mom Coach

Whether we admit it or not, we all need a little help from time to time. Sometimes it’s a nudge in the right direction other times it’s a push off the edge while trusting the parachute will open. It is usually in the latter where we need someone to hold our hand and hold space for us, mom coaches do this. 

As mom coach consultants we know intimately the thoughts that swirl in your head, the self-doubt and the stress of how well or not, you’re doing as a mother. We know because we live these fears and feelings too. And we just want you to know you are not alone. Mom coaches help other moms cross a bridge they’ve crossed already; we hold their hand and cheer the loudest because we know what it takes to get to the other side.

If any aspect of motherhood is threatening to strangle you, please find a coach and watch as the pressure dissolves. You deserve to breathe, and your little humans deserve a happy mom.

Creative and entrepreneurial mom coach helping moms integrate their lives
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