And we have reached the last instalment of the Write Tight Series. Thank you to all who have read. I hope you have learned something and have seen improvement in your writing. We close off with how to use strong nouns and verbs.

Yes, your English teacher taught you that adjectives describe the noun and the adverbs describe the verb and to have killer prose, you must employ all these parts of speech. In school, yes, it earned you extra marks! But in the real world, it slows the story and the reader down.

“Get to the point,” is what we (writers) must keep in our heads. People are busy, and if we aren’t sucking them into the story, we are wasting their time.

It is not to say you MUST never use adverbs and adjectives it means first do all you can to find a strong noun and adjective. Strong doesn’t mean the hardest word. It means, a noun or a verb that doesn’t need help from other words to make its point.


He walked quickly to the bathroom.

Instead: He dashed to the bathroom.

(Dashed) is a strong verb as opposed to using the adverb (quickly) to describe the verb (walk).


I was nervous the first time I made the walk to Khokho’s hut.

Instead: My heart pelted against my chest as I walked to Khokho’s hut.

Pelted is a stronger verb than using the state-of being phrase (I was nervous…)

Make a list of your strong nouns & verbs

To help stay on track, spend time and make a list of strong nouns and verbs to use. The strong noun and verb “rule” is hard to stick to because it requires unlearning what we were taught, since grade two.

It trips me up all the time. The point with this series is not to say I have mastered any of the “rules” we have covered but to illustrate that as a writer, it is vital to hone your craft. If you don’t take time to work on your writing, then your work remains the same.

I guffaw (see what I did there?) at my work from as recent as two years ago. And it is a good thing it means I have grown as a writer.

I wish you growth in your craft. I hope these posts have helped you start your journey to becoming a better writer. If you have any questions about the series, please send them here.

Next week we start a brand new series: “From Idea to Print” (the journey to publishing your book.) Let me know if there is a specific topic you want me to talk about.

Until next week,

Happy writing.

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